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Who Represents Me

Our elected officials are supposed to represent all of us.

"Power concedes nothing without a demand," said the great Frederick Douglass, which is why we hold our elected officials accountable. We use our collective constituent power to fight for fairness, inclusion and liberty and justice for all.

Click on these buttons to find out who is supposed to represent you at the county, state and federal levels. We'll help you make sure they do their job.

Who Represents Me In Berks County

Who Represents Me

Who Represents Me In Harrisburg

Who Represents Me

Who Represents Me In Washington

Who Represents Me

County Commissioners

These three gentlemen make big decisions that impact all of us in Berks County. Decisions about shared public resources, criminal justice, and the county's involvement with the federal ICE program.

Our State Representatives

Our State Senators

Office of the Governor

Federal Senators

Our Federal Representatives