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Liberty and Justice for All

For three years, we've been building an army of regular people actively engaged in making government work for all of us. We demand that elected officials put their constituents' interests first. We challenge the elite interests that have corrupted our political system and sold off our future, and stand up to overcome the forces of racism, sexism, inequality, prejudice, and hate.

We began in January 2017 as Indivisible Berks, welcoming everyone in our community ready to oppose authoritarian, corrupt and dangerous policies and fight for liberty and justice for all. We've learned a lot, developed independent political power where there had been little to none, and changed what’s possible in our community.

As Berks Stands Up, we are one of nine chapters in a powerful new statewide organization, Pennsylvania Stands Up. With us are several of the most game-changing organizations in our state -- Lancaster Stands Up, York Stands Up, Keystone Progress, Reclaim Philadelphia, and leaders from PA Together and Beyond the Choir. Together we’ve organized hundreds of rallies and town halls, worked to hold our elected officials accountable, knocked hundreds of thousands of doors, and some of our leaders have even run for office.

Berks Stands Up and our fellow Pennsylvania Stands Up chapters are eager to consolidate lessons from the past three years—to win elections, win issue campaigns, and win power for everyday working people in our state.