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Leadership Team

The handful of folks who came together in dismay after the November 2016 election have grown into a multiracial, multigenerational leadership team known as the BLT. The BLT works to create an organizational framework that lets members and volunteers engage in meaningful and effective work.

Current Members:

Chris Ellis is a labor activist with SEIU Local 668, Pennsylvania’s social service employees union representing 20,000 workers in all counties in the state, and leads BSU’s housing justice campaign.

Risa Marmontello, a board member of Berks Nature for 12 years, including two years as chair, manages membership development and fundraising.

A strategic communications professional and lifelong activist, Jane Palmer was the founder and former director of Berks Stands Up. She serves as a BLT advisor and board chair of the Pennsylvania Stands Up Institute.

A seasoned arts administrator, Emily Pratt was the Company Manager at Pennsylvania Ballet for five years, plans international concert tours, and now serves as data manager, volunteer coordinator, canvass captain and trainer for Berks Stands Up.

Nonprofit projects and events coordinator, Celine Schrier serves as field canvass lead with Pennsylvania Stands Up and project consultant for Berks Stands Up.

Bri Tyson is a published poet and writer, blogger, ambassador for No Black Girl Left Behind, and one of four principal members of @DearRDG, a podcast highlighting news, pop culture, and life in Reading, Pennsylvania. She often serves as a spokesperson for Berks Stands Up, speaking out on racial and gender justice.

Troy Turner, founder of the Sunrise Movement Berks Hub and Elections Director for Sunrise Pennsylvania, handles public event coordination and leadership training.