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Community Commitments

  1. Berks Stands Up is member-led and values-driven. We encourage our members to fight for a just world and for what most Americans want – a government that works for all of us, with healthcare for all, livable wages, the Green New Deal, free and fair elections, and immigration justice. We support candidates who align with our values, but we do not expect them to solve all our problems, and we never stop holding them accountable. We work collaboratively with our partners across Pennsylvania and stand with other movements for change that share our values and commitments.

  2. We are nonviolent in word and deed, growing our power through talking to our community and to each other. We value human interaction and connection, and are committed to making our spaces welcoming and accessible to people of different races, ethnicities, religions, genders, sexual orientations, abilities, ages, and economic classes, class backgrounds, and formal educational attainment.

  3. We listen to voters throughout Berks County, learning about their concerns, sharing stories and inviting them into our organization. All of us suffer from the entrenched forces of elitism, sexism and white supremacy, and we all have much to gain in coming together. We are always building commitment and support from our diverse community.

  4. We take initiative, embrace experimentation and learn together. To make decisions, we ask ourselves, “does this bring us closer to our goal?” We welcome imperfection, share innovations, and learn through honest mistakes followed by honest conversations that help us move forward together. If we see something we don’t like, we contribute with something we do like, modeling an alternative.

  5. We ask for help, give what we can, and take care of ourselves, each other, and our shared home. These are difficult times and the work is hard, but we strive to bring positivity, creativity and hope to everything we do. We value work, knowing that it looks different for different people. Changing the world is a fulfilling and joyful process, and we let that show.