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Over the years, we’ve organized dozens of public forums, lobbied our elected representatives in district, in Harrisburg and in Washington, DC., and organized protests and rallies to call attention to injustice. We’ve knocked on thousands of doors, written scores of letters to the editor and thousands of postcards, mobilized countless phone calls directly to our representatives, and reached hundreds of thousands of voters.

With our state partners, we made the critical difference in Pennsylvania this year, moving 53,324 votes for Joe Biden. Berks is the only county where Pennsylvania Stands Up’s confirmed IDs alone (2,797) were greater than the difference in Democratic votes between 2016 and 2020 (1,778). We also did extensive voter education to help Berks voters navigate a confusing election year.

We educate and mobilize our members to take action on issues most Americans support.

We have lobbied Governor Wolf and every state representative and senator with constituents in Berks County, particularly Jim Cox on the minimum wage issue. We were instrumental in Congressman Ryan Costello’s decision not to run again, and with Tuesdays with Toomey, take some modest credit for Senator Toomey’s decision to retire.

Creating a Berks County that works for all of us means not only fighting injustice but also building the kind of respectful, loving community we want to see in the world. We cannot do one without the other, or without the support of our regional and state partners at Pennsylvania Stands Up and our local allies, Sunrise Berks and Make the Road Pennsylvania. Our three groups fight for many of the same issues, and although our constituencies differ in age, class, race and ethnicity, we work well together thanks to strong collegial ties.